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Launched and mentioned publications during the Week on Water for Development as well as relevant strategy papers, policy briefs and reports

  • Knowledge Map WASHaLOT

    The WASHaLOT is an innovative group handwashing facility. It is durable, cost effective, water-saving and can be manufactured and installed using local manufacturers and installers. The WASHaLOT was developed by the GIZ Regional Fit for School Programme together with the GIZ Sustainable Sanitation Sector Programme in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.
  • WASH in Schools Massive Open Online Course – Orientation Guide

    This guide will provide insights on preconditions and principles for developing a national WinS MOOC based on the Philippines’ WinS MOOC experience, practical examples on structure, content and course outline of a typical WinS MOOC, and recommendations for adapting these processes in your institution’s context.
  • Handwashing Facility + Annex

    The objective of this publication is to give an overview of common types of handwashing facilities with a number of key aspects that need to be considered during the planning stage. Focus is placed on handwashing facilities that are generally suitable for installation at public and commercial buildings and places in low- and middle-income and humanitarian contexts.

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